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Let’s hear the stories of these two beautiful Chinese girls.Asian hotties,girl from China

Chat with sweet Elia!

Elia, born in 1974, who is a mix of hotness, style and sweetness. Her attractiveness keeps men staring at this Chinese girl picture. She considers herself a woman with the attitude. Elia never wants to settle down form some one just okay. She will wait for the one that’s why she is still single. Being a well educated woman, Elia has a colorful life. She likes music, and also dancing. She is quite romantic, dining out and taking her out for date are necessary for her in love life. Mostly the relationship in Chinese culture doesn’t work that way, because Chinese are more conservative. So it never worked out for Elia. She is more into western lifestyle because that makes her feel being herself. Elia chooses to be happy even thought she is all by herself most of times. Life has a lot to offer, when you start to appreciate every little thing in life you can actually find the magic of being happy. She is the dream of every young man but maybe here she is waiting for you.

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Explore Rong’s life!

If you are crazy about marrying a Chinese woman, a traditional oriental lady. Rong may be the one. Rong is born in 1972, but she still got good look, graceful and elegant. Men feel naturally connected to her. Her inherent talkative nature, friendly behaviour excites men. Being a girl from China, Rong is shy and sweet. She doesn’t want to rush into anything, just wants to enjoy a romantic journey. Rong is quiet and always smiles. To keep being positive in life is the most special personality she has. She’s warm-hearted and comforts people around her all the time. She is an elegant Chinese lady who never lose tempers and always has manners. Family has the priority in her life, like Chinese saying goes “family comes first”.  Rong believes she deserves a wonderful life, so she keep waiting. But don’t let keep her waiting for too long.

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