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Chinese Girls Prefer Dating Men Who Are Direct And Transparent?

During the course of dating Chinese women, have you ever thought about what motivates your date to fall for you? It is a known fact that Chinese girls like men who are confident and direct. They do not get attracted to men who are passive and who do not open up to them in time. Chinese babes do not like passive people who do not come across to them as ones with clear intentions or with some solid plans. They feel that such men tend to make the dating experience an exhausting one.

If you do a survey among the top 10 Chinese dating sites and ask the girls who are profiled on them about the type of men they prefer to date, the answer would indicate that they like direct men who have clarity of thought and a positive direction in life.

Why does a female looking for serious relationship love dating those men who are direct? If you want to get the attention of your date faster than others, learn how to be direct with her and understand all about how to appeal to her.

These are the main reasons why women like direct men –

  • The direct man does not cause stress among his dates– A survey was done covering Chinese women American men to find an answer to the question of “Do Chinese women like American men?” It was reported that Chinese women find American men to be direct and straightforward and they do not cause unnecessary stress in their dating relationship. They turn dating into a fun experience. The prettiest Chinese girl finds it hard to trust men who are indirect and ambiguous in their approach. American men try to make Chinese women feel secure and respect their self-esteem and they do not like to play any mind games.

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  • The direct man radiates confidence – This type of a man is found to be sexy. He can get a Chinese girl easy. Confidence comes from within when the man feels secure and it is this trait that drives a man to be direct with a woman. Direct men are also known as the alpha-male types and women are easily attracted to them. A confident man always has the ability to go after whatever he desires. He will date a woman he likes and will pursue her aggressively if he is genuinely interested in her. Women like such men because they can make plans in advance and be sure that their man will keep up to his word.
  • A direct man will not waste his woman’s time –Chinese dating rules for a successful relationship point towards a man to be honest with his partner and be upfront after he has made a deep connection with her. Men who are ambiguous do not show their honesty and they waste their woman’s time. They like to sidestep a conversation which they do not find comfortable. A direct man will not like to beat around the bush as he is fully aware that he might eventually be rejected by his date. He finds it more profitable to be transparent emotionally and would like to openly communicate with his date about what he is thinking and feeling about her. Women are easily attracted to such an emotionally transparent man. Transparency is a key trait in a relationship as it allows the women to feel comfortable with you and helps her to come closer to you and there is a good chance that the relationship will not fall apart. If you like you date, go ahead and be direct and open up to her by telling her how you really feel about her.

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