ChnLove Investigation: Does Age Gap Matter in Online Dating?

ChnLove Investigation - Age Gap

A relationship with age gap can face several problems. If the male partner is much older (10 years or more), a lot of people might think he is a sugar daddy and not an equal partner. People tend to think that, because they find it hard to imagine that a young Chinese woman can really fall in love with a guy who could literally be her father. They think, she only wants the material advantages. But that is not always true. Today it is absolutely normal that a young Chinese lady of 28 years has a 41-year-old boyfriend.

So why are older guys so attractive to these young Chinese ladies? It’s all to do with the maturity of older men and their having clear aims in life. Generally, older men know how to take care of their family and, most importantly, their other halves, and most of them are looking for serious relationships, rather than just fun. These virtues match those of Chinese women, who always put their husbands and families first, unlike women from some countries.

To increase your chances of a young Chinese lady marrying you, spending time chatting to her and getting to know her is vital. Most importantly, you should learn more about Chinese culture, as it is quite different from other cultures, but you should do this anyway if you’re looking for a serious relationship. You’re not, of course, expected to be fully conversant with her culture, but should have some basic knowledge, such as politeness, how people talk, how women are perceived in their society etc. This does not only help you avoid cultural misunderstandings, but it can also impress her and indicate your genuineness and real interest in young Chinese ladies. You will also find it easier to talk to them as you will know more or less what they are thinking. A lot of men worry about the sincerity of young Chinese ladies, and there may be some who aren’t sincere. However, the majority are sincere, value family and marriage, are looking for serious relationships and hope to settle down with the right man. shouldn’t let this misconception affect your communication with your Chinese bride-to-be. Just talk to her and get to know her.

With regards to intimacy, Chinese women have a strict code of conduct and will very unlikely enter into a physical relationship with men on the first meeting. Therefore, you should never give hints of physical intimacy, at least in the early stages of correspondence (you shouldn’t if you’re looking for a serious relationship anyway). Talk to her like you would with any other person – get to know her better first.

To sum up, young Chinese women, or Chinese women in general, are most likely to be looking for serious long-term relationships, and a lot of young women prefer a relationship with a much older man because the mature man is wiser, a better lover, has more experience in any situation and often takes more care and responsibility.

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