ChnLove Male Members Tell Lived Dating Stores With Online Daters In Exclusive Interviews has recently published two exclusive interviews in which male members who found success on the site shared their dating experience with online daters., a leading international dating site, has published two video interviews of male members on its official Youtube channel. In these videos, two members who successfully found their better halves on the site respectively shared their online dating experience with those who are singles or are looking for love online.

Read their happiness stories on ChnLove
Read their happiness stories on ChnLove

Since its establishment in 1998, ChnLove has been helping gentlemen from all over the world connect with highly eligible ladies from China. Over the years, the site has brought together thousands of happy couples. Many of those successful members have shared their stories with the site, which are published on a regular basis to encourage others in their search for love and happiness. As a new attempt to present these stories in a more vivid and convincing way and offer useful tips to online daters, ChnLove has recently conducted face-to-face interviews with two successful couples. The interviews were then edited into two 10-minute videos and published on Youtube.
The first interview is with Mark from Australia, who met his fiancee Joyce through ChnLove. In the interview at the local matchmaking agency, Mark talked about how he met and fell in love with Joyce, his opinions on ChnLove’s services, as well as some useful online-dating tips for other members. “I just think you got to be patient,” says Mark. “Especially if you’re dealing with cultures and having to go through a website to do it. You got to understand that it takes time.” Mark and Joyce fell in love with each other in 2013 and are now heading off to start a brand-new happy life together.
The second video entitled “Never Too Old to Love” is about the love story of Paul and Jade, who met each other in their 50s, and got married in 2013 after six months of communication. The video contains an interview with Mark, who shared his dating experience on ChnLove, and gave his thanks to the agency and the website for making it happen. “If it wasn’t for the assistance of this agency and the, I don’t think we would have the happiness that we have today.” Says Paul.
These real-life success stories are one of the most effective ways to boost member confidence in cross-cultural relationships and improve the overall image of the site, thereby attracting more people to join and use the site. In the future, ChnLove will continue to publish more success stories in various forms and through different media. For more information, visit

About was launched in 1998 and is now one of the largest international dating sites in the world that allows global members to be matched with compatible singles from China. This platform combines a huge network of local resources to provide incredible access to beautiful, sincere women in China looking for love and romance. With its unique all-inclusive solutions such as Live Chat, EMF Mail and Video Show, ChnLove helps members get in touch quickly and build exciting, meaningful connctions. establishment, ChnLove has made great efforts to improve members’ online dating experience. Now men can take ChnLove and its sister sites by downloading the Mobile App free. .

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