Chnlove Scam: 3 Science-Proven Ways to Have a Better Relationship with Chinese girls

Believe it or not, our dating life and relationships are being constantly scrutinized by scientists. But don’t freak out just yet – nobody is watching you look at images of sexy Chinese girls on lonely evenings (and I don’t blame you, I want to marry a Chinese girl whenever I see their photos, too!).

You may not believe the studies that say going vegan is healthier than eating meat (we love steaks, too!), but science is telling us how to have a better relationship, so we might as well listen.

Whether you’re looking for a Chinese girlfriend or have already found your luck on free Chinese dating websites, a new study by British insurer Pru Life UK found three science-proven ways to make a relationship run smoothly.

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Communicate (seriously)

Communication is key, or so they say (someone has said that, right?). But if you’ve been in a relationship with Chinese girls at least once you probably know that talking to each other can make a huge difference.

While Chinese mail order brides may not be fluent in the English language, it not just the words that matter, but also your body language.

The study found that couples who are transparent to each other are much happier in their relationship compared to those who keep secrets from one another.

Interestingly, the study also outlined one major deal-breaker element that interferes with communication in relationships: phones.

Okay, fellas, it’s time to confront the elephant in the room. Ironically, you’re probably reading this on your phone (but that’s fine, as long as you aren’t trying to have a conversation with someone right now).

However, when you keep checking your phone during a conversation or are glued to the screen when someone is talking to you, you may have a problem. So put your phone away if you meet some beautiful Chinese lady on a Chinese girls dating site and go on a first date with her.

Bonus: the study found that 90% of the participants agreed that communication during mealtimes would improve significantly if everyone turned off their phones.

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Have a money talk

Money talks may be just as awkward as talks about having children, but it’s an essential step in every serious relationship that promotes better romance, the study found.

Aren’t you curious about your girlfriend’s financial status? What if she owns a mansion in Hollywood? Those Chinese ladies dating can be quite mysterious!

Anyway, if you’re truly serious about living together and having a trouble-free marriage or relationship, take your romance to a whole new level and start making financial plans together.

The study ranks it as the No. 2 element of a healthy relationship. And it makes sense (we’d all love to think that we’re financially independent, but relationships do make you dependent on one another).

Be responsible

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’ve all been hearing this “be responsible” cliché since our childhood. But listen, if you want to meet Chinese women online and have a smooth relationship, it’s about time you start being responsible!

Being responsible isn’t only about thinking ahead and planning stuff for your future, but also doing housework at home and taking care about your health.

The study found that sharing household responsibilities – cleaning, cooking, taking the trash out, etc. – promotes a better relationship.

So keep that in mind if you’re looking for a Chinese girlfriend – besides, showing Chinese girls that men, too, can be helpful around the house will blow her mind, as Chinese mail order brides are traditionally taught that they must take care of housework.

Last but not least, caring about your health is sexy (but don’t take it too far and become an obnoxious germophobe). The study said that 49% of people in relationships would want their partner to be healthier.

And 32% of women said they wanted their partner to quit smoking or drinking. And staying active is also a major issue nowadays, as 74% said they do not consider themselves very active.

In a nutshell, be better at communicating, be open to sharing your credit card info with your significant other, hit the treadmill, walk at least 5km every day, quit drinking and smoking, and you’ll stand out from the crowd among all men on free Chinese dating websites.

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