Chnlove Scam: Woman Finds Her Husband in Childhood Party Picture

When you get into a relationship, every meeting, every memory, every time spent together matters a lot. You want to cherish and above all, remember every moment spent with your partner. When the sexy Chinese girl who you love becomes your life partner, as in when you get married, you look back at all these memories and remember what date and day you met, how your first meeting went, etc.

Just like that is a story of a couple who got married in 2015 – Grace Jennings Edquist and Ben Cerini. They both are originally from Australia but are now based in London, after their marriage. London, after all, is a great place to settle down. Maybe you want to settle down with the Chinese women of your lives in London too.

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Life is pretty unexpected

According to what they remember, they met in the Netherlands when both of them were there for study purposes. You must have heard the quote “Life is pretty unexpected” … and in their case, life did turn out to be very unexpected when one day, Grace Jennings Edquist found a picture of herself and her husband in a party when they were really young. Could it be that she assumed that kid in the picture to be her husband? There is a possibility…

She was confused as to what to believe as they had no links before they met in the Netherlands. They had no family that had any connections; they did not know of any common friends they might have had… then how was it possible for them to be in the same picture?

When she showed the picture to her husband to confirm that it was him when he was young, he confirmed it! He was in a state of shock as it was not possible!

At the time of the exploration of this picture, both the husband and wife were 29 years of age. They were very confused as they thought that they met in the Netherlands. They wanted to get to the root of this matter, so they started to ask people they knew about the picture in hopes of finding whose party it was.

It turned out for them that Ben Cerinilived in Adelaide for a short while when he was young. Grace Jennings however, was from Adelaide. And, there we go, they got the connection they needed, but could not find a link.

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They discovered the link to be a family friend of Grace Jennings who happened to live on the same street as Ben Cerini and his family.

Being unaware of the fact that they had crossed paths before, this couple had been deceived to believe that they met in the Netherlands for the first time.

Whoever does not believe in LIFE BEING UNEXPECTED AND FULL OF SURPRISES, should read this couple’s story because it sure does satisfy the fact that life indeed is very unexpected and full of surprises.

For this couple, it was a great discovery, one of great importance in their lives. Life is full of mysteries; you never know what it is going to throw at you, so watch out! Maybe one day when you will be meeting women in China and they turned out to be someone you’ve met before!