Dragon Boat Festival – Spoil Your Chinese Girl With a Delightful Gift

ChnLove Promotion - Dragon Boat Festival
Spoil your Chinese girl with a delightful gift!

We usually tell western men that if you want to successfully date Chinese girl, know them first, know Chinese culture first! It is true! Now, you get a very good chance to shorten your distance with you Chinese lady – Spoil her with a delightful gift on the coming Dragon Boat Festival (June 2, 2014).

Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional and fun-filled holiday in China, often celebrated by eating “Zongzi” and racing dragon boats. To offer the male members a good opportunity to further develop the relationship with the ladies, ChnLove comes with Limited Edition Gifts this year, as well as a festive Visual Gift or Animated Emoticons. Just image how delightful, surprised and touched she will be when she receives a box of “Zongzi”or any other gift from her distant lover!

This special promotion could be very helpful in speeding up your intimacy with your lady if you take full advantage of it. If you have a certain understanding of Chinese women, you should know that the cares and love from the special someone matter more than any other thing. A large number of western men have a misunderstanding towards Chinese women. They consider Chinese ladies taking money as the most important criteria in selecting a partner. Actually, it is not true! To Chinese women, a sincere and considerate lover matters most. They are keen to meet such a guy to build up a warm family. Chinese ladies need a sense of security and a peaceful happiness from their special ones! Keep this point in mind, gentlemen!!

On Dragon Boat Festival, you can use our Love Call Service to give your girl a warm greeting. Or you can choose the Live Chat Service to instantly contact her, to know what she usually does on this traditional day and how she celebrates it, which will help you understand her and Chinese culture more. When chatting with her, you could try sending a festive Virtual Gift or Animated Emoticons to live up the chatting atmosphere. To give her a surprise, then send her the Limited Edition Gifts we specially prepared for you!

About the Dragon Boat Festival

Happy Dragon Boat Festical!

The Dragon Boat Festival also gets another name, Duanwu Festival. It is a traditional holiday in China, celebrated on the 5th  day of the 5th Moth of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. is a day that commemorates the life and death of Qu Yuan, a patriotic poet and stateman who is said to have committed suicide by drowning himself in a river. During the festival, a glutinous rice pudding called “zong zi”, which contains ingredients such as beans, pork fat and the golden yolk of a salted duck egg, is eaten to symbolize the offerings to Qu. http://www.chnlove-scam.com/dragon-boat-festival-spoil-your-chinese-girl-with-a-delightful-gift/ http://www.chnlove-scam.com/dragon-boat-festival-spoil-your-chinese-girl-with-a-delightful-gift/ http://www.chnlove-scam.com/dragon-boat-festival-spoil-your-chinese-girl-with-a-delightful-gift/ http://www.chnlove-scam.com/dragon-boat-festival-spoil-your-chinese-girl-with-a-delightful-gift/Another widespread celebration of the festival is the dragon-boat races, which symbolize the many attempts to rescue and recover Qu’s body. Dragon boat racing has emerged in modern times as an international sport.

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