Free Chinese Dating Sites, Good Or Bad?

Since more and more people outside China want to find himself a beautiful exotic Chinese wife, a great number of Chinese dating sites spring up and supply a fast and convenient way for these single people. And some of these dating sites are free of charge. You can open a profile there and talk to any girl online. Easy and Cheapest! However, have you ever known any good or harm that these free dating sites will bring to you?

Good Of Free Chinese Dating Sites

Chinese dating

Free Chinese dating sites are full of scammers

1. Waste No Money.
It is the biggest and the only advantage of free Chinese dating sites. Some people are just curious about this popular online dating service and want to give it a try. So they would like to sign up in these dating sites without paying any money. And also there are people who are really seeking foreign wives, but want to work this out without any cost. Why not save the money for new furniture or a trip? It is understandable to choose a cheaper product over another if someone has no idea about its merits and shortcomings wholly and completely.

Harms Of Free Sites For Chinese Dating

Chinese dating

Receive spammers from free Chinese dating sites

1. Full Of Spammers And Scammers

Since it is for free, you can not expect any good service. You will receive all kinds of emails including the promotion, pornography and other spammers. Some of them may take Trojan virus. Very unsafe. Apart from that, scammers love to stalk these sites for preys. They will pretend to be sweetie women and make you fall in love with her, and during the online dating period, she will make you give out a lot of money to her out of your willingness. In this way, you will lose more money than you should have paid in the paid dating site.

2. Slight Possibility Of Success Dating.

Chinese dating

Hard to find China love on free sites

After a long time of chatting and communicating with girls on the free sites, you will find that you are still in the very beginning of dating Chinese girls. It seems that no girl there is suitable to develop a stable relationship. People here for fun instead of dating. So if you want to find true love, do not go to these free dating sites. They do not waste your money, but waste your time and life!

3. Personal Information Leak out Easily
You’d better create a new mail account to login these free dating site and all the information you publish there should be not that important to you, or you can just fake the profile. Because the free site will not ensure the safety of your personal information.

Knowing the good and harms of the free dating sites, I recommend you to use the paid Chinese dating site. In some way, it charges reasonable and it’s more effective to find your Chinese girlfriend or bride.