Friendzoned? Flirty Ways to Slide Back into the Sexual Zone

There are people we would never have a normal interaction with while we are in the friend zone. By “friend zone” I mean the actual friend zone where there is nothing intimate between you and the pretty Asian lady. No sex for that matter. It is a terrible place to be in, especially if you’ve once been more than just friends or have always aimed at getting out of it.

Before we dive into the gimmicks of getting you out of this undesired place, let’s have a look at some factors that get you friend-zoned.

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What will get you friend zoned

The following are some of the mistakes that guys make which instantly land them into the friend zone.

  1. You’ve never made your intentions clear

From your perception, you may think everything is clear, but chances are she doesn’t get what exactly you want and thus decided to friend zone you. The reality of the matter is that nothing has ever crossed her mind that you want to be more than just friend. Chinese ladies are creatures that like being sure of any decision they make and they cannot consider you something more if you haven’t given them a reason to do so.

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  1. You permit her to rant about other guys

When she plans to do something with a guy, you are the first person she tells and without any hesitation, you back her. This guy just asked her out for dinner and you are her consultation for the dressing opinions. What about this guy that just broke her heart? She ran to you and you gave her shoulder to lean on. As she gets stronger, you still watch her enter into another relationship and there is nothing you do. You basically become the recipient of all her intimacy mistakes. That’s where you go wrong and get friend zoned.

  1. You are trying, but just too hard

You haven’t asked her for a date yet and thus in your opinion, you are not trying too hard. However, that may not be the case especially if you are doing things for her only a boyfriend is supposed to. You may be going about things like purchasing her gifts just because or engaging her in mindless texting. Well, bro, you have already been friend zoned. It’s time to wake up!

But don’t worry; you can get out of the friend zone. The following is how to do it.

How to get out of friend zone

Do not always be there

She is getting used to you always being there as this supportive friend and that is something you want to do, but don’t make it a habit. If she gets comfortable with the idea that anything she wants done will be handled by you will over time turn you into a maid.

It is a thin line to cross and one that you ought to be wary of. But as you reduce your availability, you create room for her to miss you and likely see you from a different angle.

Adjust your talk as well

Do you always compliment her in a general way, just like any ‘other’ person would? It’s about time to make the compliment more personalized and sexier. Don’t tell her she has a “nice shirt” rather say something along the lines of “you look sexy in that shirt.” Do not go into issues like where she bought it or anything of that sought. All you care about is that she’s sexy.

You are not her boyfriend yet, so don’t let her treat you like one

Do you go out on Chinese dates or pay for movie tickets yet you aren’t dating? Desist from doing that. You want to be nice but these are things done by boyfriend/girlfriend so stop it. First, make the situation even because she is not doing anything for you yet she isn’t your Chinese girlfriend.

Make her compete for you

If she is the only gorgeous Asian girl that you hang out with, then there is no competition at all for her. But if there are some few other girls that you hang out with, and you are mysterious about them, you will trigger an interest in her. She’ll be like, are these girls more attractive than me? Do they like you? And that way start seeing you differently.

Ask her out on a date

Most relationships begin with a date and so use this as an opportunity to know her from a different angle, not just as a friend. It also speaks volume as you make it clear that you have no interest in being an average friend.

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