How Do I Set the Ball Rolling When Communicating With Chinese Women?



Online ChatChinese dating websites are ideal for western men who are enchanted with oriental beauty and are seeking anything from a casual fling to a serious relationship with Chinese Girls. Those assuming that the rules of Chinese dating are similar to western dating are in for a real surprise as it has different dating etiquettes. However, before dating a Chinese girl, it is important to be aware of numerous etiquettes of the Chinese dating.

If you want to know more about her and give her a good impression of you, the single most important point at this stage is to keep your English as simple as possible. You can’t write Chinese, so don’t expect her to understand long complicated sentences in English. Use only simple words and only short sentences. Don’t use slang, dialect, jokes or colloquial expressions. She can learn all that later.

Start the email to her with her first name – and be sure to spell it correctly! (Can be confusing as, in China, the surname is written before the first name). Use the information in her profile to compliment her and to explain why you are interested in her. Tell her (in simple English) about yourself: be sincere and open. Reassure her by showing you have read a bit about Chinese culture and etiquette. Show some interest in – and respect for – her Chinese culture. To help find out if this woman is your “Mrs Right”, you’ll need to ask her some questions, perhaps including:

•Why are you looking for a western husband/partner?

•Does your family approve?

•What things are important to you in a relationship?

•What do you expect from your future husband/partner?

•What do you offer your future husband/partner?

•What are your priorities in life?

Many Chinese ladies are very shy during dating and prefer that you do the chasing. However make sure you do reply the same day if they do email you first. Learn to have meaningful conversations. When out on a date with a Chinese girl, it is important to have a meaningful conversation. The Chinese culture is open most topics of meaningful discussion; however, topics pertaining to sex are still considered a taboo in the Chinese culture. Most Chinese girls would actively participate in a conversation but would like if the partner initiates a conversation.

Learn to give compliments. Greetings are one of the important aspects of Chinese dating etiquettes as girls from China love greetings. It is considered perfectly normal in the Chinese culture to greet a girl and shower compliments on her.

The Chinese do not lightly say “I love you”. At first, her signs of affection will be more indirect. For example they will demonstrate their feelings by being immaculately dressed / made up and by striving to look after you. will try very hard to ensure your home, health, clothes and food are perfect.

Lastly, and most importantly, Chinese women are interested in finding a secure future with someone who is respectful them and their family. Don’t expect “casual flings”.

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