Is Chnlove a scam or is it legitimate?

Meet Single Chinese Girls Online

I have been a member of the Chinese dating site-Chnlove for 3 years, as I have always been attracted to Chinese women. Recently I found that there are quite a lot of bad comments about Chnlove on the Internet. Well, I am a very lucky fellow to have found my lovely Chinese wife through Chnlove, so I hate to see people calling Chnlove a “scam” just because things didn’t work out for them. I feel compelled to write about my own experiences and tell everybody that this site is totally legitimate and actually very helpful to those who want to marry Chinese women.

My Chnlove story

I signed up with Chnlove about three years ago and I was amazed to see so many beautiful Chinese girls online. Soon I received nearly 50 admirer letters from gorgeous young ladies. Of course, I thought to myself: this is too good to be true. But I decided to give it a try anyway. I searched the catalog and found a reasonable match. We wrote very nice letters for some time, and then she started persuading me to visit her in China. When I went to China, and met her at the airport, I found that she was even more beautiful than I had ever imagined. She is one of the hottest Chinese women I have seen in my whole life. Her English wasn’t very good, so she had an electronic hand held translator to help her. We communicated without any difficulties and I fell even more in love with her. Everything was real. We’re now happily married. My point is, my experience was not a scam at all.

My Advice on How to Avoid Dating Scams

Well, if you have failure don’t just go and blame Chnlove for everything. Individually every person and every situation is unique. You can’t guarantee that a relationship will work out, whether it is in the real world or in online dating. I’m sure the majority of ladies on ChnLove are real and sincere about wanting to marry a western gentleman. With that said, Chinese women are no different than women in any other parts of the world. People have different motives and it is always a good idea to be cautious. Don’t fall in love after just viewing a couple of retouched photos and some translated letters. Stop believing in fairy tales. If your are sucked into the lovey dovey letters, you are not being scammed. You dilluded yourself and have nobody to blame but yourself. Just make sure you retain some emotional armor, and don’t fall for the first girl who sweet talks you. Always keep a backup plan just in case that not all turns out to be what it first appeared.