Chnlove club
Chinese Lady in Traditional Costume

I have been using dating sites for many years, and I was very skeptical about Chnlove Club at first due to some bad experience with a few Russian sites. But I decided to take a chance with Chnlove, and I am now fully convinced that it is a very legitimate and trustworthy site.

Are the ladies in Chnlove Club real?

I have communicated with a number of women in Chnlove Club for over a year now and have spent 3 weeks in China meeting 5 women who I had communicated with. From my experience, the majority of Chinese women on Chnlove are legit. The women I wrote to were the women I met.

One thing that you need to know is that the profile photos are professional studio shots, with perfect makeup and lighting. Most of these photos are also Photoshopped, so don’t get too carried away. You should try to always get natural/everyday pictures from the ladies. It is also advisable to ask them specific questions and make sure they answer them directly. You can look at the EMF response to see if they are from the lady or seem like form letters. This is definately a buyer beware site and you have to do a lot of homework on your own to see if your lady is legit. If you follow your heart and add some common sense, the site works just fine.

Don’t blame Chnlove for your failure

Another thing that I’d like to mention is that even if you have exchanged nice letters with your lady, it doesn’t guarantee a successful meeting with her. When you go to china, you can meet the staff and owner of the agency that your lady is with, shake hands with real people and maybe have tea with them. If the lady is not compatible when you get to China, the agency will set you up with several other girls in a moments notice. On my trip to China, I met a girl that I really liked, and she was absolutely lovely and looked just like her photos. However, the second day we were together she revealed to me that she did not think we would be suitable. I was shocked and hurt because she said some beautiful things to me in her letters, but after I got over it, I respected the fact that she told me. I ended calling the agency and hooking up earlier with another lady and it worked out fine. So I believe the site is legit. Yes, I do think that some women sneak by who are not as serious. You need to do your homework, and take a chance if you think it is worth it.

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