Look Into ChnLove Scam From An Impartial Perspective


ChnLove Success Stories

Is ChnLove A Scam?
Of course not! The success stories tell everything!

Is ChnLove a scam? No. It’s obviously not and the reasons are clear. First of all, just take a look at the thousands of members who have been successfully matched up with someone from China. There are names, photos, thank you letters, marriage certificates and lots of other evidence that these people really found love through the site. Take a look at the site’s success stories page to see what I’m talking about:  http://success.qpidnetwork.com.

Another clear example why ChnLove could never be a fraud is their ‘request contact info’ service. Basically, after you’ve been on the site for a couple months and you’ve established a decent rapport with a Chinese lady, you can get her personal contact information, like email, telephone and postal address. How could they dare give the ladies private contact details if they were not real!? Obviously, ChnLove would not ever offer this service to let members get in touch in private if they were not seriously dedicated to helping people get married. Check out the “Request Contact Info” service introduction here: http://www.chnlove.com/help/service/contact_request_help.php

What seems to be the case on ChnLove is no different from what you find everywhere in life; that you get out of it what you put in. For those members who put in little effort and don’t take the process seriously, it’s tempting to think that ChnLove is a scam. “After all,” they say, “I paid some money, so where is my wife?” But it’s not so simple as just shelling out a couple hundred or even a couple thousand dollars and then having someone hand you a beautiful Chinese wife. You still have to put in the sincere effort. After all, the ladies on the site are looking for a life partner too. So when they see someone who did not take the least effort into filling out a profile or writing a letter to them, they are probably not going to be interested either.

On the other hand, for those members who are willing to diligently fill out a profile, upload photos and then write sincere letters to the ladies and put their hearts into communicating with them, then what they receive in return is worth its weight in gold! Chinese ladies can often sense if you are sincere and caring, and will respond accordingly.

Is ChnLove a scam or fraud? Of course it’s not. You just need to approach it like you approach anything else in life, respect the process and don’t take it for granted that your beautiful Chinese girl for marriage will just fall into your lap. But if you’re willing to do what it takes to go out and find her, then ChnLove will make your dreams come true!