Misunderstanding of Chnlove

These may be biggest misconceptions about Chnlove:
1. Pictures of the photos are fake
Many agencies in China work hard and strive to bring the best quality dating services and therefore Chnlove.com is able to bring international daters some of the best quality pictures. Highly stylized and stunning – Chnlove.com welcomes the submission of quality profile pictures. As many of the women get their profiles posted on the site through the marriage agency, the agency usually will arrange the photo shoots and developed its own aesthetic ways, enhanced by the presence of exotic locations or accessories.

The Profile Department of Chnlove.com checked all profiles submitted by the agency and we check all the identity documents of the ladies. We understand that with a copy of Photoshop, it is an opportunity for photographers to beautify the photos and make the pictures more artistic and creative. If we spot that the image manipulation happens to a certain unacceptable level, we will remove them immediately.

2. Lady profiles are not real
Many doubt that the ladies are too perfect to be true and it is difficult for them to think that they can’t find a good boyfriend. But please don’t use the western standard to see the dating scene in China. Although Chinese women’s social status has risen steadily over the past decade, marriage is still considered to be the ultimate purpose of women. In poor areas are still less educated rights in family and marriage are seriously violated. Therefore, it is not uncommon for you to find some perfect matches right on the site.

The Profile Department is responsible for checking all the profiles submitted by the agency. We will check the names, identity documents and application form. Besides, we conduct phone interviews to the Chinese women from time to time. We make sure that the whole process is done similar to general online dating and the woman is well informed about the services.

3. Letters are sent by the lady directly
Many customers make a review and said many mail order bride sites do send them unwanted and unreal letters. And it makes the customers generally think that it is basically a rip off scam and the agencies doing this are for making a lot of money.In reality, with Chnlove.com, you do not get spam. Regulations are in place to make sure that the whole correspondence process is done on an as-is basis.

There are some cases that ladies will just get the letters from the agency and send her wishes to the agency. Then the translator will compose the message for her and send it to the gentlemen. It is how the communication process is like because the lady is too busy.

Please bear in mind that as there are not many Chinese women who can write very good English and the letters are translated by local service providers. And translation does have its drawbacks. There is NO 100% PERFECT ACCURACY in the text and somehow it may not be easy to take the cultural context into consideration.

4. Lady profiles registered on Chnlove.com directly
It is one of the biggest misconceptions about the whole operation of the site. Chinese women cannot register through the site directly. Instead, they register through the partnered service provides of Chnlove.com and the site does not serve them directly. All the service providers are legal entities and strict measures are in place to make sure that the services provided by them comply with our standardized rules.

Besides, local service providers are “specialists” to assist the Chinese women who are truly serious about finding a lasting relationship. The providers are strategic and retain a service that has the experience, reputation and special guidance. Chnlove.com only selects those providers who are committed to helping singles worldwide find a perfect match and they all share the same common goal as Chnlove.com does.

If you are not satisfied with the service provided by the agency, you may use the feedback rating function to express your views or contact our Customer Care Team.

5. Chnlove.com only cares about money
Our customers are those needing our services. We believe emphasis on service relationships. Customers are central to everything we do so we work in partnership with the local service providers to serve our customers better. It is a key in serving customers and achieving customer satisfaction.

We do business with the value of creating a superior customer experience and not just want to get your benefits in return. It is far more important than anything else. If you are not satisfied with the service, we will take care of the case according to our own policy.

6. We are selling girls from China

There is a strong prejudice about the service provided by some mail order bride sites as a human trafficking background. No, we do not sell girls from China and please stop this derogatory comment. The major obstacle that we face today is about the misconception of international marriage as modern-day human trafficking. We do admit that cross-cultural relationship does need special care and recognizes the possibility of unhappy ending as a result.

We use our own expertise in many ways to raise awareness and fight domestic violence and take the initiatives to communicate with the local service providers about the issues. Together with a lot of useful resources, we help to raise awareness and join many community movements to educate the public, especially China about the issues.

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