My Chinese Girl Dumped Me? Chnlove Is Fake?

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We were so happy, why my girlfriend dumped me? This is the question asked by every guy who has ever been dumped. In nearly 75% of all break ups, it is the woman who ends the relationship. Man and woman’s thoughts are so different that a man will hardly know her partner completely after spending a whole life together. Sometimes you think everything is fine with your relationship, perhaps you were the only one who was happy with inability to see the other person’s feelings/needs. Especially when you date with Chinese women, they would rather keep their true feeling in their heart than telling it out avoid of hurting your pride. Then you maybe puzzled when your girlfriend changes her mind abruptly. You start to suspect if she is sincere from the very beginning or even regard Chnlove fraud for introducing this girl to you. But did you ever think of the factors below?

1.Did you treat your Chinese girlfriend as good as you first fall in love with her?
Please be honest to think back, are you still the same as you were when you first get to know her? The same man she fell in love with? It is easy, as time goes by, for a man to forget the things he used to do for a woman, when they first got together. Do you still send mails or make call to her regularly? Do you still buy her flowers for no reason? It is not intentional, but men start to slack off of these things after they have been with a woman for a while. Men do not really notice that they are doing this, but women notice. They notice more than you realize.

2.Your Chnlove girl might be scared.
Most of Chinese women are desperately insecure, some of them may have either never been in love or have been in love and been badly hurt before. They lack the courage to handle the possible consequences of their own actions and get scared if you go too fast or too slow. Under this situations, please be patient, urge them to the safety of you by acting reassuring at all times, by never smothering them, but by also making it clear that you aren’t going to leave them no matter what.

It is difficult to recover from being dumped. If you think she still loves you and she is worthy of your effort, then do something to win her back. But threatening or begging is not working. They will only cause her to avoid you. You just need to back off a bit and give her some space to think things through and seize the perfect chance to give her some romantic surprise. But when a relationship is really ended, you may experience a period of tough time. However, time itself is really a healer. You will find there’s plenty more fish in the sea, only if we keep looking and learning from relationships that don’t work out, eventually we will find someone who is genuinely right for us.