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Suppose you are thinking of finding a Chinese wife via online dating, you should have probably heard about the international dating As one of its members, I am quite familiar with this platform and the offered services. I met two Chinese girls there and flied to China to visit one of them. But unfortunately, neither of these two relationships comes to a blossoming end. It’not the fault of ChnLove but mine. Recently, I discover a lot of comments about this websites when I am surfing the internet. Some are good while some are bad. To tell the truth based on my own experience, ChnLove is not that excellent but not that bad as some angry users claim it to be. Below, I am going to make a ChnLove Review from an impartial perspective.

First of all, I have to admit that this site is a little bit expensive, more expensive than those membership-based dating sites, but I think it’s some kind worthy. ChnLove has many services for its male members to use to build a connection with the Chinese girls. Some are free but most of the services are costly. This platform adopts a credit system where you can pay for every letter you exchange with the ladies. The local marriage agencies ensure all the letters correctly and timely translated and delivered. During my communication with my two girls, the translators offer lots of advices and additional help. In my eyes, the high cost we pay is for the advisory services and translation as feedbacks. Before using ChnLove, I have tried many other cheaper dating sites which offer no translation services and my love-seeking experience turned out to be a total nightmare…You know that some of the girls I communicated with used Google to translate the messages and what they wrote back was very ridiculous and misleading! If you are seriously seeking for a Chinese bride and wouldn’t mind spending a little more money, ChnLove is a second-to-none choice!

A certain number of people keep labeling ChnLove a “scam” or “ripoff” on the internet. As any other dating sites have, ChnLove does have its fair share of scammers and gold diggers. However, are we about to blame ChnLove for this objective attribute? Actually speaking, this website is some kind safer than its counterparts since it has adopted a lot of measures in place to screen the profiles and confirm the identity of its members. There aren’t dating sites capable to 100% keep its members away from online scam issues, are there? Maybe I am always cautious, I had no bad experience with ChnLove. When dating Chinese girls on this dating site, you have to bear one thing in mind- to ask for natural photos since most of the lady pictures on ChnLove are photoshopped. Provided your girl refuses to send you the natural pictures, then raise up your attention. There might be a scam hidden. Don’t fall in love with the girl impulsively before you confirm that she is real. The video call services could help a lot on this aspect. After a period of communication and you still confirm she is the right one for you, then take a plane to China and meet the girl in person to see if the chemistry is there.

It’s a pity that I didn’t find my dreamed woman on ChnLove, but I believe this site is not a scam. Chnlove is legitimate! If you are cautious and tactical enough, it can fulfill your dream of finding a dreamed Chinese wife.