Reveal the Truth of ChnLove Scam

ChnLove Scam

See through ChnLove Scam by your eyes!

For those who have been treated by dishonest Chinese women consider that it’s impossible to find a qualified, loving Chinese wife via online dating sites. As one of the leading dating platforms in China, ChnLove also receives some negative comments from this kind of people, which directly influences the reputation of It’s not what we want to see. To prevent the scam issue and keep our members away from being scammed, we develop ChnLove Anti-Scam projects, dedicate to help and guid our male members with useful information.

How to Define ChnLove Scam?

Most people mention ChnLove Scam. After all, how to define it? SCAM is considered obtaining money by means of deception. When we put it to online dating Chinese girls on, we take it the cheating and scamming practice by Chinese girls.

How to Spot Out ChnLove Fraud Via Details?

• When you found her letters don’t reply to your points, but generally introduce herself, then it’s perhaps a scam. If this is her first or second letter for you, it’s OK because Chinese women on dating sites usually have prepared some pieces of letters about their lives and personalities, to give the men they’re interested in a chance to comprehensively know about them.

• Suppose the Chinese girl never get back to the question you asked, or take initiative to ask something about you, then be careful that she could be a scammer. Suppose a woman is interested in you, she will ask as many things about you as possible to see if you are a good match.

• If she is overly beautiful which seems that she is not true, then you should be on the alert.. Though we can not suspect every beautiful girl a scammer since the modern photo-taking techniques are so high, making the photo owner modeling, we still need to be careful. Ask her to send you some extra photos which are taken in the photo studio.

• For the condition that she is asking you money problems, you need to be careful. For example, she claimed that she lost her salary, or her family members need expensive medicine cure, and you are the only one who can assist her since you love each other and are meant to be together. To tell you the truth, all of these issues could be fake. In China, it’s not appropriate at tall to ask a stranger for money help.

• If the relationship of you two has come to the meeting-up level and she is asking to go to expensive places for meals or entertainment, you should think twice before taking what she said into action. If she gets mad for your rejection for the unreasonable requirements, you should reconsider if she is worthy of pursuit. Every girl wants to her man to treat her as a queen, but you should measure whether its value or not before taking into action. I suggest sending her beautiful flowers and then see her response first before spending too much money on her.

Brighten your eyes and don’t easily follow and believe what others said! See ChnLove Scam through by your eyes! If you use the right way and be cautious enough, could be a nice option in finding a lifetime partner.