Safety Tips for defeating the Dating Scammers’ plot

Dangers are everywhere but it shouldn’t stop you from expanding your chances for looking for love. International online dating is a great way for you to meet like-minded people and a truly rewarding experience. Sometimes, it’s to do with commonsense precautions:

1. Never reveal your bank details
Details of your credit cards, debit cards or other forms of payment should never be revealed to anyone except yourself. Keep passwords and PINs safe and do not disclose them to anyone. No one (including the bank, police, webmasters of the site) will contact you to ask you to disclose PINs or all your password information.

2. Choose a reputable site
A reliable dating site enables safe browsing and secure transaction, as well as a complete and specific privacy policy to describe how it is going to protect your personally-identifiable information and any other personal data. A good dating website should provide full range of after-sales customer service with their authorized service providers. A better site should easily let you gain access to information of the whole operation in the help section of the site that encourages interaction and transparency.

3. Educate yourself
Love is so blind. That’s why we need to receive some good education on online dating. A number of good resources can be found on the Internet about international online dating scam. Many dating sites are dedicated to online dating safety and therefore provide a lot of online dating tips and relationship advice. They are good resources as it is an expert opinion offers you about what you should do or how you should act to a healthy relationship. If you are using some dating sites which provide tips and advice articles, be sure to read them.

4. Read our news
Chinese mail order bride sites are not as common as the Russian ones. is one of the largest Chinese-foreign matrimonial sites and forms strategic partnerships with a very strong network based in China and Asia. We know the industry very well and have gained an in-depth knowledge and competitive advantage. We constantly analyses the critical issues and news of the dating scenes – how Asian dating dynamics have impacted on the global singles. We put some crucial news and updates into our blog and online magazines, which bring deliver the best insights into the gentlemen who would love to date a Chinese girl.

5. Have questions? Ask!
A socially responsible dating site should assure you that your privacy is highly honored and maintained under strict confidentiality agreements and your safety is above all else. Questions are always welcomed. So, if you have any questions on the issues about scam or online dating safety, please do not hesitate and contact the site.

Chnlove has been and will continue to work toward customer’s satisfaction, fully co-operate and work with regulators and related authorities should they wish to further understand the practices and arrangements with our business partners.

If you have questions, or have concerns over the scam issues, please do not hesitate to contact us via Chnlove customer care or While we can’t entirely control whether you will become a victim of scam, we will try our best to minimize your risk.

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