Secret to a Happy Relationship? Laugh with Your Partner, Study Says

Laughing with your significant one is crucial to relationship success, academics say. But not just any sense of humor is healthy to affirm your relationship, they warn.

A new meta-analysis study has found the secret to a happy relationship with a gorgeous chinese girl. And that secret it: share a good, healthy sense of humor with your partner.

No need to make expensive gifts every weekend; no need to take chinese babes to fancy restaurants every night; no need to shower her with compliments every two seconds (though these things would help, too)…

All you need to do to establish a stronger bond and affirm your relationship is laugh together!gorgeous asian women

What is a Good, Healthy Sense of Humor?

Professor Jeffrey Hall, an Associate Professor of Communication Studies at the University of Kansas, performed a meta-analysis of nearly 40 studies that had been done in the past three decades and involved over 15,000 participants in total.

What the professor has found was groundbreaking: it doesn’t matter if other people think you’re funny. What matters is the humor you and your girlfriend create and cherish together.

What it means is no matter how hard you try to impress sexy asian ladies with your sense of humor during the asian dating phase, in order to make things work with a particular chinese woman seeking man you’ll have to create and share humor together.

Whether this means laughing at how the two of you brush your teeth, making funny faces when enjoying breakfast or goofing around every time you two take shower together…

it’s vital to laugh at things together and share that humor that you two have created together.

You don’t have to be a hilarious standup comedian with a six-digit salary to establish a happy relationship. All you need to do is try to find funny things in everyday life with your partner.

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Not All Jokes Are Equally ‘Healthy’ Though…

This, however, may have an opposite effect on your relationship, Prof. Hall warns, as certain types of humor can actually harm your bond with gorgeous asian girls.

The professor explained that an “aggressive” and “mean-spirited” sense of humor could be detrimental to your relationship.

This type of humor could be fine for jokes outside of your relationship, but when they circulate around your relationship, this could have a negative impact on your bond long-term.

Aggressive and mean jokes may not do much harm in the beginning, when you’re building rapport during the asian online dating phase of your relationship.

But after a while, gorgeous asian women may start taking those jokes personally, especially when the mean jokes are making fun of her even if the partner didn’t intend to offend his gorgeous chinese girl.

How to Laugh More With Your Girlfriend?

In order to get the benefits of Prof. Hall’s meta-analysis. you’ll have to laugh more with your girlfriend.

Here are some tips on how to bring more fun into your relationship and your shared bond stronger as ever:

Share funny stories from your/your friends/your relatives past – you’ll be surprised how some elements of those funny stories can stick around for long periods of time;

Every time you do something together, find the funny side of it – even if it’s something boring like cleaning the apartment or attending some event you two didn’t want to attend in the first place;

Watch more comedy movies with different types of humor – this helps you understand what kind of humor your significant other enjoys;

Share experiences together – be it reading news together, watching other people hustle on their way to work, playing videogames, working out at the gym, etc.;

Enjoy weekends together – instead of going out with your mates and having fun, while leaving your girl all alone at home;

Never take yourself too seriously – and make sure your partner is comfortable around to do the same (even if she graces the cover of the sexiest chinese lady photo magazine, she has be more genuine around you);

Never take jokes personally – though make sure you don’t make “aggressive” and “mean-spirited” jokes about your loved one.

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