The Best and Worst Words to Describe Yourself Online—May surprise you!

Let’s say you are trying to meet some Chinese beauties, or possibly some local Chinese women, and you’ve decided to try a China singles online dating site, to meet gorgeous Chinese girls. If you want to attract sexy Chinesse women and maybe find your own Chinese pretty girl, you will want to be careful in how you set up your profile.  It is important to choose words carefully when setting up online profiles, especially when your goal is to attract the beautiful women of China. Some words can be very effective, and certain other words should never be used.

Pretty Asian girls

The Best Words:

Here are some of the best words to use online:

  1. Physically Fit

Appearance is very important to Chinese girls and as much as to other women, and words implying a strong, muscular physique get their attention every time. Some think women’s appreciation of this kind of appearance is part of a biological drive in a woman to look for a man who can protect and take care of her.

  1. Ambitious
    If you tell her that you have built and run your own thriving business, or that you are climbing the company ladder, she is likely to be impressed. Pretty Asian girls(and women in general) are more likely to feel that you would put that kind of energy into your relationship, and that you would be a better provider.
  2. Perceptive
    Women love men who are sensitive and observant. Be sure to back up this claim, though, by actually listening to her. If she tells you she is diabetic, for instance, you won’t win any points bringing her chocolates (unless they are sugar free).
  3. Passionate
    Who doesn’t want passion in a relationship? There are many ways to define passionate. It could mean really good in bed, but also could refer to really putting your heart into your relationship or being very romantic. In any case, this word is a must have to attract the girls.
  4. Optimistic
    All people—women and men—tend to avoid negative people and are drawn to positive thinkers. Tell someone you are an optimist, and they are more likely to want to be around you.

Pretty Asian girls The Worst Words:

Just as it is important to use certain words in your profile, so, too, must you avoid certain words at all costs. It is just as easy to give a bad impression with the wrong word as it is to make a good impression with the right one. Here are some of the worst words:

  1. Quiet
    This will make her think that when you meet, she will have to do all the talking. No one wants the burden of the conversation to fall only on their shoulders. The word perceptiveabove works better because it implies you will pay attention but also carry on your part of the conversation.
  2. Energetic
    In contrast to quiet, this can imply that you are a chatterbox and she will have trouble keeping up with you. Ambitiousabove might be a better choice here, because it suggests you aren’t lazy and have plenty of energy, just not obsessively so.
  3. Caring
    Although some women might be looking for a “father figure,” most are not looking for a parent, someone who cares for them. This can often sound smothering or clingy, both no-nos.
  4. Spiritual
    Chances are that prospective dates will not have exactly the same spiritual beliefs as you. Even if they do, advertising this up front can turn them off. It is better to get to know someone before talking about these things.
  5. Kind
    This is a quality everyone assumes you have. Highlighting it like this might seem peculiar and could actually call your kindness into question.

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