The Policies Adhered By Chnlove to Avoid Scam

Chinese girl from Chnlove-Jasmine

Nowadays, many western gentlemen dream of finding their ideal mate via Chinese online dating site and then marry Chinese women. With years of experiences, Chinese dating websites help more and more Chinese singles to find their life partner. Different from other free dating site in Asia, Chnlove adopts measures to against scam action in order to create a safer environment for Chnlove members. Here below are the policies Chnlove adhered to avoid scams.

Regulations for Agencies to Act Against Chnlove Scam.

Agencies are the most direct service suppliers in respect to Chnlove online dating platform. The approval of lady profiles and delivering translated messages concern every Chnlove member, for EMF mails delivery, when gentleman’s new mail arrives, the intended lady will automatically receive a SMS alert via her mobile phone. Meanwhile, reporting abuse system,feedback rating mechanisms are the important way to evaluate the performance of service providers. On the other hand, Chnlove site will random checked on correspondence and related services provided by service providers, the technological inspections also work as an effective way for Chnlove to identify multi-faceted problems which can be traced by the system.

Regulations for Ladies to Act Against Chnlove Scam.

Unlike other free Chinese dating sites, Chnlove date site move beyond traditional efforts, taking their best to use spot-check correspondence to verify all lady profiles. Those profiles which are suspicious to be fraudulent would taken off from the site, to protect other male members from scam. And then the related staff of Chnlove would contact the local agencies to cautiously check the potential scam profiles. Once confirmed, they would be immediately removed.

What Can Chnlove Members do to Avoid Scams?

Service quality is the key to Chnlove’s success. So Chnlove puts a lot of effort into fighting against Chnlove scam and all dishonest behaviors which may be harmful to the reputation of Chnlove or to the confidence of Chnlove members. When the gentleman have doubts and uncertainty in the process of finding Chinese girl, communication is the first principle. When you report any scam activities to Chnlove customer service team, please don’t forget to provide the related evidence and lady’s ID number which does assist to improve the efficiency of the investigation.

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