Tips On Dating China Lady: Please Her Family And Friends

We have read so many tips on dating Chinese women and marrying a Chinese wife, but most of them are focusing on the women themselves, such as their personalities, behaviour, favourites and dislikes. In fact, we ignore one important aspect which can make a huge effect on your Chinese dating. It is her family and friends who are always around her and give her different advice in life, even make a decision for her sometimes in some traditional Chinese families. So you should pay much attention to these people having influences on your potential Chinese bride and treat them nicely and carefully.

To Please The Families Of Your China Lady.

Chinese marriage


You have heard that Chinese people regard family very important. The family value is the foundation of Chinese culture. In the past, marriage is not a personal thing. You could not just marry the one you love without asking any permission of your parents. There is a old Chinese saying like that “Arrange a match by parents’ order and on the matchmaker’s word.” So you can see how crucial family are in the Chinese marriage. Fortunately, women in China can freely fall in love with someone and get married with her beloved Mr. Right with family blessing. Parents want their daughter to be happy with the man she love, so they let go this special traditional power on marriage. However, they still have influences on their daughter, so in order to get a beautiful gentle Chinese wife, you need to please her families, especially her parents.
Learn some Chinese. The Chinese older generation can not understand English, even you may find some Chinese old people in the street greeting at you by saying Hello with a big smile on their faces. You know what? Hello, Thank you, Good, I love you and Bye-bye are all they know about English. It is the same as you know the Chinese phrase “xie xie”(means thank you) and “ni hao” (means hello). So maybe learning some basic Chinese for communication can let them know more about you through your self introduction. Besides they will believe that you are really serious and sincere to marry their daughter, because they know Chinese is not that easy for a foreigner. Thus work hard on Chinese language and win the favor of the parents of Chinese girl.
Cook a dinner for them. There is another Chinese saying “People regard food as their prime want.” Food is a top priority in China. And dinner means a lot to a family, which is an important time for family reunion after a long day work. So a delicious dinner should be appreciated by Chinese parents. You can cook the dinner with your Chinese girlfriend or wife and make it a special Chinese and western style dinner.
Healthy products and massage armchair. For the old people, the thing always upset them is healthy problems. Therefore, the best presents for them should be healthy products and health-care equipments. You can go to the shopping mall with your girl and buy a massage armchair for them. Or take some American or European-made healthy products to them.
If you do all the above things, man, you are very close to the marriage with your Chinese woman.

To Please Her Best Friends.

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Friends are important in our life. We need friends to share the happy things, the annoying stuffs, the work and the daily trifles. Surely boyfriend is one of their biggest topics. And they will influence her emotion and love to you either consciously or unconsciously. So remember to leave a good impression to these girls. Treat them politely and kindly. Show them your deep love to your hot China lady.