Top 9 Principles for Finding a Dating Site Matching Your Needs

1. How much money do you have to burn?
This is important because there are both free and paid online dating sites for singles. Even among the paid dating sites there are differences. For example, some have free basic memberships with limited accessible functions and some don’t. The cost to join can vary as well, it’s important to learn as much as you can about what you get and what you pay for it.

2. How easy is the site to navigate
Easy navigation is essential to an enjoyable online dating scenario. Look for sites that are straightforward and easy to get around.

3. What features are the most important to you?
Check out some of the various sites and see what types of features they offer. If you are really into the social aspects of these types of sites then ones with forums and group chats are a good choice, if you just want to talk to people one on one then that isn’t important at all. Do you plan on meeting in person ever? If so then perhaps you will want to choose one that offers Visa & Travel.

4. Niche dating?
If you are looking for specific types of people, for example those who share the same faith as you, if you are gay or lesbian or even if you are only interested in meeting rich people, there are sites that will help you. Some of the mainstream sites have categories along these lines to make browsing singles easier some don’t. There are some that are targeted only for say, Muslims or African Americans, or Asian Mail order brides. If any of this sounds like it would apply to you and what you are looking for it’s worth looking at these types of niche dating sites.

5. Guarantees
There are a number of sites that guarantee you will find a match within a certain amount of time. This doesn’t mean you are going to find your soul mate in a month for sure, but it could happen, and if you don’t meet anyone you are interested in you will be eligible to receive several months paid membership free.

6. Hidden fees
You don’t want to end up with a site that has all kinds of hidden costs that you will only find out about after you have paid to join. Take a little time and read some dating online website reviews, they will help you to see sites fit your criteria and which don’t in terms of hidden charges.

7. Website reputation
Sites with good reputations are never short on singles for you to chat up and meet. Choosing one that is in good standing and that has been around for years is smart, especially if you are going to be paying for a membership. You don’t want to end up out of pocket with no one to date!

8. Good security and privacy clauses
Look for a dating website that has a good policy in terms of your privacy. Every site should have a section devoted to this. Read what they have to say and get a handle on what they will or will not share with third parties. One who is going to sell your information to people all over the world who could use it for who knows what is not a dating site that is going to be matching your needs.

9. Positive reviews
Before you shell out any money look to see what kind of dating reviews the site has gotten. This should definitely be on your criteria list. Pay attention to what others like and dislike about the site to get a good idea of what it would be like for you.

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