Perhaps it is the best thing a guy can do for beautiful China girls. A good kiss can send shivers in the body. Kissing is an art. You must learn this art to impress a Chinese woman.

Make yourself ready

Hygiene is a weakness of Chinese if you are going to have kissing in China. Bad breath is highly unacceptable. Nobody can tolerate bad breath. Brush your teeth and clean your mouth properly. It will not matter if you have the skills of kissing. A single air of bad breath and odor of smoke can ruin her mood.

sexy Chinese ladyAlways start slowly

Do not jump into her mouth. Just wait for the moment. Build the environment first. Make her comfortable and wait for her advances. For a guy, it can be easy to have a kiss. However, this can be little hard for a sexy Chinese lady to kiss you immediately. On the other hand, keep reading her emotions and signs. Always try to acknowledge her status. If she is ready, she will give you signs. Go for this. This is your moment.

Do’s and Don’ts of  tongue

The use of tongue is good way to improve the taste of kissing Chinese girl. However, its improper use can be harmful rather giving you benefits. Tongue lubricates the lips and it decreases the friction between the lips. The slippery lips and tongue create an erotic and sensual combination that you can use to flame the passion. Extra use of the tongue can produce an uncomfortable feeling in the form of wetness. Avoid brushing the tongue on her lips. This is not good.

Chinese Asian girlUse of body

A kiss is not an act of lips. It is a phenomenon that flows in your body. The rational use of body parts can make it exciting and sexy. Before reaching her lips, you must hold her adequality. The lower back is the best position for this type of grip. Show your masculinity by dropping your bigger body on the small body of a sexy Chinese Asian girl.  Adjust the position of her head. Research suggests that maximum body contact can increase the feelings of love and happiness between couples when they are kissing. Try to hug her very tightly.

Always make yourself comfortable

Being a man does not mean that you can perform the act of kissing in Chinese culture. You must be comfortable, confident and smart. Do not stress yourself. Do not bring other thoughts. Just do it immediately when you understand her thoughts. If she is ready, you should be ready too.

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