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Types of Chinese Girls and How They Rate in Your Dating World

Just like any other populace country in the world, China comes with different kind of people both physically and culturally. It should be understood though that Chinese women do share a lot of culture and characteristics despite their different location. Brides in china are plenty if you know where to look and finding chinese women for marriage online has never been easier as we give the guidance on geographical locations and their differences; if you really care. All yours for the taking.

The Northern part of China is host to hot Chinese girls that parade the big cities of Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou. Though the typical Chinese woman is 160 cm (5’3) it is believed that this part of China is where you can find the taller, leaner whiter and smoother complexioned Chinese sexy girls (if that’s your preference). The single chinese ladies in this parts will certainly find her way to glamour and fame because of the more than average beauty standard found here. Famous movie stars such as Gong Li and models Du Juan are a product of this first tier cities. They embrace culture and uphold family values and traditions in high esteem.

Let’s go south Hongkong, Gwanghzou, and Schenzen are the major cities.Hot Asian brides are plenty these major cities.  It is reputed that the south harbors girls that are shorter, petite and are usually tanned than their northern peers.They also make use of the traditions and culture that come with their energy and celebrate it . Sounds like this is where you will find your next china bride?.  The beautiful weather favors the women here and they are more energetic and have feisty personalities which make them a recipe for any man that needs that kind of spirited relationship.

single chinese ladies

If you’re not a city guy and you’re looking for a Chinese mail order bride, the country lass is in abundance in the rural parts of China.  Not tainted by the high city standards you can find an attractive Chinese woman here as well.  They’re more realistic and their expectations and demands are not as high.  They want to be loved and cherished as much of that doesn’t go round a lot in this parts. They are however very close to their traditions and culture and will speak very little English but you will not be disappointed by the sincerity and devotion they exude.

The City girl lives in the swanky high rise apartment, has a good paying job, indulges once in a while in social events and is open minded about dating and relationship.They make good face wives and will remind you that she is the one that is in charge as they uphold strong cultural values handed to them as part of living in the cities. They’re very strong in the relationship as they’ve had to negate the city life , corporate perfection and attainability which makes them very competitive even for western standards.  Most likely they will be knowledgeable in matters of the world and art and are not afraid to let you know.  These Chinese sexy girls have no hold barred when it comes to expressing their sexuality and have no inhibitions.They’re willing to get married but will not lower their standards in order to do so.

All in all these women share the same need for love, tradition and culture.  It’s never too far for them no matter where they go. Which is a good thing.

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