Warning Signs of Online Dating Scammer

There are some of the symptoms signaling that your dater may have gone wrong. Please be aware of that when you involve of online dating.

1. Profile Too-Good-To-Be-True
Well, we have heard a lot of comments that the beautiful Chinese women on Chnlove.com do not age and the photos are too perfect to be true. But when you browse other similar dating sites, please be aware of the scammers who stole pictures of some of the most popular celebrities or models from Asia. Although there are so many highly-stylized pictures across the international dating sites, you will find the celebrity photos different.

Celebrity pictures are usually better-posed, conceptual, cutting-edge and flawless. And the photos may match up the pictures with a model or aspiring actress in her brand name jeans campaign and fashion magazine shoots. So, take notes on the clothes she wears in the pictures.

2. Asking For Money
Con artists usually push things too far with fake profiles. After struck up a string of online conversations, pretty soon scammer will plum the man for money usually different excuses, such as losing wallet or whatever that makes her in a financial bind.

Dates are made but broken, and while there may be some no in-person meet-ups, there may be some email exchanges or even telephone conversations. Then you will be asked for your bank account details or for gifts or money.

3. Rushing Too Fast
Scammers want to get in and out of the scam quickly before they swindle other would-be companions. True love will stand the test of time. Scammers impersonate a stunning woman in the pursuit of duping money. So they are usually impatient and desperate.

Because many dating sites have the double blind email system, scammers are usually impatient and would like to exchange emails at the very first beginning, while bypassing the involvement of the dating site. In addition, it is common for the con man to give you the phone number in place of having to email you at all.

These symptoms list above are by no means exhaustive. There are other signs not listed here and they may give rise to similar symptoms. It only serves as a general guide. You are strongly recommended to consult your dating site early when you have any questions. It is for your own good if your questions can be answered early in its course. Please be informed that Chnlovescam.com and Chnlove Custom Care are two channels you can report your questions.

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