What Makes ChnLove Stand Out From Other Dating Sites


beautiful Chinese girl from Chnlove.com

What makes ChnLove stand out above other dating sites? Its quality ladies are one of the main reason!

There are a number of factors which make ChnLove rise head and shoulders about the rest of the international Chinese dating sites when it comes to finding a beautiful Chinese girl for marriage online. But at the end of the day, the proof is in the pudding and it’s the real-life married couples which tell the true story about the great success of ChnLove. Below, we will look at how they do such a great job, but to see the results yourself, just take a look at some of these smiling faces in the success pages!

First of all, it’s the quality of the beautiful Chinese ladies on the site. This comes down to a question of resources and management. As one of the oldest Chinese dating sites, around almost 14 years, and certainly one of the biggest, their network of local agencies all across the country provides an amazing selection of over 20,000 ladies. In China, they also have the best reputation, and that’s important because the really top quality women are not just going to sign up on any site they have never heard of.

Next is the service model for how you contact the Chinese girls online. On ChnLove, you only need to pay for what you use. It’s not like some other sites, where you pay a yearly fee and then just send your profile to thousands of ladies and see what sticks. On ChnLove, you need to pay for each single letter, a-la-carte, if you will, to every Chinese girl you contact. The result is that each communication is more important, carefully prepared and executed. Agencies are also able to give more personalized support, because the volume of incoming mail is quite limited.

Finally, it’s the service quality for each communication you have with the Chinese ladies on the site. ChnLove partner agencies need to follow strict policies and standards regarding each step of the service cycle, from posting the Chinese ladies’ profiles online to sending and receiving mail. How do they guarantee agencies provide such a high standard of service? The services available are not cheap, and agencies are held to a very high standard. The agencies get rated every month and those which get too many complaints or don’t comply with service standards are shut off. As a result, the service quality is very high and constantly improving.