Why choose Chnlove over other sites? What’s so good about it?

Chinese girls from Chnlove

Chinese girls from Chnlove takes on an incomparable beauty. Catch the chance to know her!

Chnlove is one of the largest Chinese dating sites available online. Log in to the site and you’ll find it has over 10,000 Chinese ladies‘ profiles listed on the site – the number of male members is not known.

Membership of Chnlove is free, so you can log in and see the Chinese ladies on the site and see if you like the idea of a Chinese wife. Like many dating sites, you can log in and use the site for free, but you have to pay to contact the female members of the site.

The cultural difference between China and Western countries is immense. The Chinese language in particular is totally unlike English, and it appears impossible to learn at first (but it’s easier than you might think). Chnlove makes it easy to communicate with Chinese ladies without your needing to speak or write any Chinese whatsoever. Agencies which Chnlove cooperates with translate letters you send to a Chinese lady on the site, and they translate her responses back into English for you. While you can meet English speaking Chinese ladies on other sites (and there are some good English speaking Chinese ladies on Chnlove as well), they tend to be from the higher reaches of society or alpha females. Consequently they can set their standards extremely high when it comes to choosing a husband. Mail order brides they are not – this is more in the realms of executive dating.

With regards to meeting up with ladies, traveling thousands of miles just to see one lady is an enormous gamble. What would you do if she doesn’t turn up? You will have no Plan B, other than having a really great holiday.

When you visit ladies, you should visit several when you’re there. You wouldn’t often marry the first girl you date in your home town, so why should Asian dating be any different? The problem with Chnlove is that it is extremely expensive to maintain a letter writing campaign to more than a handful of ladies. That’s why it’s a good idea to choose your women wisely. This is good in a sense because you tend to be more serious and not play around.

One key issue of Asian internet dating is costy. Are other dating sites cheaper? Most probably. But are they better? Not necessarily. Cheap is not always the best option. Chnlove adopts a credit system, which means purchased credit will be deducted for paid services used. If you decide to use one of Chnlove’s services, you are more likely to take it more seriously and make it worthwhile.