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Wrong Chinese girl? Find Out the Reason Why You’re Single.

People do not find the answers even after scratching their heads on why they are still single in life. They do not think about the possibility of attracting the wrong kinds of people. In the world of China dating, you may find that it is not so simple to select Chinese girls for dating. You will set yourself up for failure if you attract the wrong kinds of girls. Once you have a wrong girl that you have to date on several occasions, it is similar to walking with annoying pebbles in your shoe.

Relational therapists have explained and given reasons why you may have the tendency to attract wrong people in your life. These are the reasons –

  • You may be profiling yourself on top dating sites as a person that you actually are not – In real life, you may be an introvert by nature but on dating sites, you make yourself sound like an extrovert. You will attract the wrong kinds of people if you do not stay true to your own self. You have to stop pretending to be that some one that you actually are not.
  • You may be building fantasies about Chinese and Japanese girleven before you meet them – You may be doing some over-thinking or may have your head in the clouds with a romantic strain, but far away from reality; it is better to meet your date in such a situation as early as possible so you stay grounded in reality. You will not get idle time on your hand to build up fantasies of any person based on the little and limited knowledge that you would have about. Attracting Chinese or Japanese women needs attention and dedication of time to get to know real persons and not the ones that you have made up in your dreams.
  • What do Chinese women like? Do they want you to be that non-existing perfect man? On Chinese dating sites in China, people are not looking for perfect matches. They have realistic expectations and standards for the people they would like to date. It is better to keep your standards high, but do not have your nose high in the air and look over your shoulder, trying to find someone better than the one you have already found.

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  • Do not keep reminding yourself that you are not worthy of anyone’s love – If you have such a feeling, then there never will be any first date for you. Chinese women love those persons who respect themselves and have confidence in their ability to be emotionally strong so that they can take care of their dates. When you have to date confidently, you have to start valuing who you are as a person.
  • You have to be emotionally available – When you come across very young Chinese girls, do not let them feel that you are not emotionally available to them. You may have learnt some lessons from your previous relationships; do not bring out those negative lessons in your new dating life. Be patient and understanding with the girls you date and be alert of what attracts you. Do not try to change the other person; you adapt yourself to their lifestyles.
  • You may always be looking for the person you need but not someone you really want – The answer to this dilemma lies in telling yourself why you want to date and be in a certain relationship. The problem with people is that their desires come from some point of need. They do not realize that no person will be able to make them feel whole or really cater to all their needs. So, start looking for a dating partner who has an interesting personality and not someone who fills in the role of an emotional caretaker for you.

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