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Why Does a Chinese Girl Prefer Big and Fat Guys?

There’s a weird but interesting thing in China: Many women in China are chubby or fat person chasers when it comes to finding partners on dating sites. As for the reason, On the one hand,  they might think that chubby men are cute. For the other, the cute, big figure may gives them sense of safety.  A Chinese girl will have unconventional tastes in terms of her male partners. Many men have found out while dating Chinese women that they have preference for big and fat guys.

It is a well known fact that hot Chinese girls prefer fat guys who also have a lazy or a laid back attitude to life. This is because they feel that big guys or chubby guys are softer when they are touched and that they also have a soft heart. This is contrary to the common feeling that Oriental girls may like only thin and slim guys. Men who have had experience on online dating websites have realized that Chinese babes tend to like people with bigger size; fat and big is considered synonymous with being reliable. They don’t feel secure dating people of Bruce Lee’s physique. They are looking for that extra fat and extra chubbiness to hold on to and they feel that it could contribute to more confidence and a higher sexual drive.

In China, hot Chinese women feel that slim and handsome men are as freely available as a dime a dozen. They say that slim men usually have nothing of substance to say to their girls. They may go on dates with thin people but they might not go the whole distance with them. When dating a Chinese girl, you will have to remember that they prefer fat guys and they may not be too willing to fall at the feet of so-called slim and handsome men with bony faces and cheeks. You may have to pit on those extra pounds if you want to impress them.

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A report was published recently by The Guardian and it covered Chinese women dating. The survey revealed that Oriental women actually preferred fat and stronger men because they found them to be more attractive generally when compared to the slim and thin ones. There is enough evidence in that report which says that hot Chinese chicks prefer heir men with a little bit of extra fat that they can hold on to. It is clear after reading this report that Chinese women mostly dig chubby guys. The report also goes on to say those obese men are found to be better hosts and entertainers when they are out on a date. Psychologically women especially Asian women prefer to date men less attractive physically than them. Women feel more secure in themselves being with bigger-sized men. The research material has been provided through a study done by the International Journal of Impotence Research done in 2010.

So, next time you are looking at pictures of Chinese women, remember that they tend to trust and like fat and big guys. For a lot of Chinese women, their Mr. Right would be someone who is fat, faithful and bald with plenty of maturity and experience in caring and loving. It has been embedded in the psyche of young Chinese girls that slim and handsome men, particularly foreigners are not trustworthy. They feel more comfortable in dating those guys who are fat, big and bald.

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