May 22, 2024
Do you hold stereotyped impressions towards Chinese girls? If yes, read on to figure out they are correct or not!

Asian and Chinese girls are particularly susceptible to oppression and violence because of the connections between their race and gender. These views date back several centuries. These damaging beliefs have been shaped by political and judicial actions throughout history. These beliefs have also been greatly influenced by imperialism, which has perpetuated derogatory notions of these women as sexual misfits.

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  • They Are Very Family Oriented

In Asian traditions, families are life! Since Chinese families are typically quite close, making a good impression on close relatives is always worthwhile. But most of the time, it might be highly challenging. It is not surprising to hear Chinese parents opposing romantic partnerships on Chinese dating sites because they fear losing their daughters. They are troubled by the thought that their little girl is leaving them behind to go elsewhere.

However, younger Chinese parents are more likely to respect their child’s desire and will than more traditional families. Given there is less manipulation required on China cupid love and the person is allowed to act on their own decisions, there are more opportunities for you to gain her family’s approval. The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that there will inevitably be cultural differences between you and Chinese girls.

  • They Are Passive and Submissive

Asian women have long been viewed as submissive, docile “Chinese beauty” in popular culture. The idea that a white man rescues an old-fashioned, submissive, and subservient Asian woman is one that has been reinforced by TV series, motion pictures, and other kind of entertainment. There can be fatal results when these presumptions are paired with racial discrimination and the belief that these women are beneath them.

The perception that they will maintain the status quo without objecting is another factor contributing to the situation where many Asian women achieve high levels of education and professional success but remain stagnant. These groups of Chinese girls complain that they are held to a higher standard, that they are not given credit for their work, that they handle the majority of group projects, yet they are still not regarded as leaders.

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  • You Can’t Go Dutch

It is a fact that a beautiful Chinese enjoys being pampered. As they often say, “Actions speak louder than words.” The key here is to follow your gut and not second-guess yourself if you’re attracted to a Chinese girl! Using delicious food and thoughtful gifts is the quickest way to express your affection. With these gifts, you can simply let her know that you’re interested in her. However, this does not imply that there are no compromises.

The saying “Going Dutch is not allowed in China” is probably well-known to you, but Chinese society has become increasingly geographically and economically divided, so couples in China tend to have comparable incomes and educational backgrounds. In practically any relationship, money problems can also arise at any time. Therefore, even from the first date, it is crucial to ensure that you and your partner are financially compatible.

  • Appreciation vs. Fetishization

Though many of us on free Chinese dating sites may not be aware of it, Chinese girls frequently find themselves in lose-lose situations when it comes to dating. People either view them as a fetish or as unwanted. The idea that they are appealing, exotic, and submissive isn’t simply a naive stereotype. The downside of that is that since they aren’t seen as completely human, they end up being the target of hate crimes, sexual assault, and beatings.

People become more accepting and appreciative of Asian culture as it gains popularity. However, not everybody is well-intentioned when they meet in Chinese culture. A large number of them are simply interested in flirting with these women, which fetishizes them by making them feel like a body to be subjugated. The thing is, it’s complicated enough that people frequently confuse it for admiration and attraction.

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Asian fetishism takes many different forms. It might come off as if these women are experts in Japanese vs Chinese depending solely on how they look. Also, it could entail sexualized stereotypes. If one goes around claiming they have a thing for Asians, it implies there’s something unique about them. Sadly, this kind of thinking frequently results in Asian women being perceived as less than human.

Asian women have also historically been marketed to white men as either exotic, seductive, and powerful ladies or as domesticated, submissive, and sexually subservient beings. Despite their contradictions, the stereotypes all center on the idea of hypersexualization—the gender stereotyping of Asian women in order to make them fit into a fantasy that is driven by men. Sadly, popular movies still use these clichés.

The Takeaway

There are reasons why stereotypes of Chinese girls exist, particularly in the entertainment industry. Some of them can be humorous in moderation, just like most things. But what people watch in the media has a direct impact on how they perceive the real world. Additionally, most stereotypes are extremely harmful, especially if they are racial stereotypes, which is often the case with most stereotypes of Asian women.

Violence and oppression of any kind may very well recur as long as these stereotypes are ignored in Chinese dating. Given how society perceives Asian women through a gendered and racially biased lens, it is past time that we have a comprehensive discussion about the experiences and obstacles that Asian women face. A coordinated strategy that recognizes the threats these women are facing is required to address this issue.