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Chnlove scam: Why do Chinese Girls prefer dating men who are direct and transparent?

During the course of dating Chinese women, have you ever thought about what motivates your date to fall for you? It is a known fact that Chinese girls like men who are confident and direct. They do not get attracted to men who are passive and who do not open up to them in time. Chinese…

Chnlove scam: Why does a Chinese Girl prefer Big and Fat Guys?

There’s a weird but interesting thing in China: Many women in China are chubby or fat person chasers when it comes to finding partners on dating sites. As for the reason, On the one hand,  they might think that chubby men are cute. For the other, the cute, big figure may gives them sense of…

Secret to a Happy Relationship? Laugh with Your Partner, Study Says

Laughing with your significant one is crucial to relationship success, academics say. But not just any sense of humor is healthy to affirm your relationship, they warn. A new meta-analysis study has found the secret to a happy relationship with a gorgeous chinese girl. And that secret it: share a good, healthy sense of humor with your partner….