May 22, 2024
How to figure out if you're dating a convert Narcissist Chinese girl? Actually there're some obvious signs. Read on to find out more.

When you think of a narcissist, you may think of someone who makes a grand gesture when entering a room and always wants to be at the center of attention. But, there’s a lesser-known category of Chinese girl narcissists that typically flies just under the radar, and relationship experts often refer to it as a “covert narcissist”.

The behaviors of covert narcissists on Chinese dating sites are less obvious, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re harmless. Like other narcissists, they also lack empathy for other people. They also typically use manipulative techniques to achieve their goals. On top of that, they also love to compare themselves to other people to make them feel special.

What It’s Like to Date A Covert Narcissist

It often takes a while before one knows that they’re stuck with a covert narcissist. At the early stages of the relationship, that Chinese girl may appear as a charming and attentive person. They may even shower you with affection, making it appear like you’re the center of their world. But, as things progress, everything becomes more frustrating and confusing.

  • A Strong Sense of Self-Importance

Cover narcissists Chinese women rarely get loud, but they still can’t hide their needs for validation and recognition. Deep down in their hearts and minds, lies a strong sense of self-importance. Thus, in order to fulfill this need, they often present themselves as a humble, unassuming, and self-effacing figure in front of the general public.

The affirmation and positive emotions from others are the things that fuel their sense of self-worth. For this reason, they may go to great lengths to manipulate the feelings and thoughts of those around them. And, to protect their fragile self-esteem, they may even use subtle forms of emotional coercion.

  • Hyper Sensitivity to Criticism

Due to their ability to present themselves as an unassuming person, it’s often hard to spot a covert narcissist on the first meeting. What is obvious is that they have a fragile self-esteem, which is why they can be greatly and easily hurt by criticism. Unlike other narcissists who typically face criticism with aggressivity, covert narcissists often use self-pity and victimhood.

One sign of their sensitivity is that they get defensive very quickly when you question them about their actions. And, to avoid criticism, they will also try to get away from their responsibility. Instead of owning their mistakes and shortcomings, a China rich girlfriend will make excuses and shift the blame onto other people.

  • They Love to Control

Does your partner dictate your actions? Does she withdraw her affection when you don’t meet their expectations? Does she want to isolate you from Chinese dating site friends? Covert narcissists have a very big tendency to be in control because they think that it is the only way to keep people around.

Really, they will try a lot of ways to make sure you comply with their requests. For example, they may use your guilt, shame, and other kinds of emotional blackmailing techniques to convince you that you’re responsible for their feelings. In extreme cases, they may even use advanced techs to monitor you.

  • Lack of Boundaries

For covert narcissists, boundaries are the greatest enemy because they make it harder for them to keep an eye on and exert control over their China love match. They might therefore take several steps to destroy any boundaries in their relationship. Usually, it begins with denying your emotions. They act in this way to make you stop believing your own feelings. Additionally, they might even go further in invading your privacy by making you do something against your will.

What To Do When You Date A Covert Narcissist

We all acquire narcissistic qualities from time to time. However, when those traits and behaviors start to cause issues in our lives, that’s when we need to take things seriously. So, what should we do when we have a covert narcissist in our lives? Is it appropriate to ignore them? Or do we need to leave them on their own?

Well, the most important first step is to separate your feelings from their actions. Doing this can really help you to hold onto a righteous state of mind. These narcissistic Chinese beauties don’t take personal responsibility for what they do, and they’ll even blame you for all the issues that show up in the relationship, even when you do nothing.

However, if you don’t see any other way and are ready to abandon the ship, it’s probably the best time to burn all the bridges. Remember that these narcissists can be very manipulative, though, and they love to picture themselves as the victim in a story. Thus, whether it is Korean vs Japanese vs Chinese, try your best to say NO when they try to reach out to you.

The Takeaway

A covert narcissist on a China dating app is someone who doesn’t explicitly show their inner sense of self-importance. Nonetheless, they use less obvious ways to constantly seek validation. In most cases, covert narcissists often use passive-aggressive behaviors to control those around them. Slowly but surely, they trick those people into giving them what they want.

Ultimately, everyone deserves to be in a healthy and supportive relationship with a nice Chinese girl. If you’re seeing the signs mentioned in the guide above on your romantic partner, it’s important to address them appropriately. Keep in mind to use open and honest conversations to show your concerns. If your partner doesn’t show any willingness to change, it’s probably best to move on.